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heating solutions

Choice guide

  • To help you choose the product adapted to your need

Insulated double wall flues

  • Mineral wool insulation
  • Air gap insulation

Lining and connections

  • Stainless steel single wall flue
  • With or without lipseal

Tight boiler systems

  • Concentric flue
  • Single wall connection and flexible lining

Pellet systems

  • Concentric flue
  • wall connection and flexible lining

Flexible liners

  • Smooth-walled flexible
  • Single-skinned flexible
  • Flexible components


  • Stainless steel, aluminized steel and aluminum pipes
  • Aluminum extensible flex


  • Downdraft and rain caps
  • Connecting components
  • Pipe support bracket


  • Semi-rigid and flexible aluminum liners
  • Rigid components

Chimney stacks

  • Metal chimney stack covering double wall insulated flues
  • Video of chimney stack and chimney flue installation