Industrial and logistic organization

Industrial coherence

We manufacture the whole product range and maintain a strict quality control at each step of the process.
We devise our own production processes in which we integrate the most recent technologies, in order to increase our capacities and guarantee the quality of our products.
The ISOTIP-JONCOUX group has 5 industrial sites in France and Belgium, for a total covered surface of 300 000 sq. ft.

Each of our sites is specialized in certain technologies and types of products, but we keep a production redundancy in order to maintain the best service under any circumstances.

Each site manager has a large autonomy and remains in close contact with the production process. This organization allows us all the flexibility and responsiveness which are necessary in the building trade, notably for manufacturing special parts.

We follow an ambitious investment plan in our production tool, in order to:
  • improve our product performance and develop new products,
  • increase our production capacities.

Logistic efficiency

  • We have more than 6,000 references available in our permanent stock.
  • Our order preparation departments use the most modern tools in order to be responsive, reliable and flexible.
  • We choose direct shipping from production sites to delivery sites.
  • We adapt our logistics to our customers needs, both for domestic and international markets.